Support Services

Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital believes in treating the person not just the illness; and, by extension, the family, not just the patient. We have a number of services that provide aid and comfort beyond the healing arts.

Social Services Program
The hospital employs a social services representative to act as a liaison between the hospital and the patient and family. This trained individual is available to help with questions or problems regarding the hospital stay. The representative also serves as an information and referral resource for social services and personal services outside the hospital, including help with public assistance applications and arrangement for nursing home care.

Discharge Planning
We recognize that a patient's recovery often extends beyond the hospital stay. We work closely with the patient, the physician, the patient's family and appropriate community agencies, when necessary, to provide an appropriate continuum of care.

Chapel and Chaplaincy
A number of the community's clergy volunteer their services to provide counseling and spiritual comfort to patients and families. There is a chapel in the hospital for prayer and meditation.

Financial Counseling
Our financial services office can help patients and families identify resources and options for meeting their obligations, including referrals to appropriate agencies for public assistance.